3 day Hue DMZ to Hoi An: Hue -DMZ- Ho Chi Minh Trail - Hoi An


Route: Hue -DMZ- Ho Chi Minh Trail - Hoi An

Duration: 3 Ngày

Price: $80/ 1person/ 1day

Day 1 Start time: 8:30am
Day 3 Finish time: approx 4:30pm


2 nights hotel accommodation, transport, personal guide, petrol

  • Day 1:  Hue to DMZ to Khe Sanh
  • The tour starts at 8:30 am in Hue. We ride on the highway no.1 for 55km heading north onto the Long Hung Church located near Quang Tri. A short stop there gives you the possibility to dive into Vietnamse nearest history. On the further ride we pass Quang Tri town, with a stop at the Citadel, was a battlefield for 81 days during the Vietnam War in 1972, and reaching Dong Ha. Both cities were totally destroyed during the war. After we pass Dong Ha, we leave highway no.1 and riding through small villages onto the Cua Viet beach. We can stop wherever you want and let you take some great pictures. You can visit Cua Viet beach or swim there, as well as on the Cua Tung beach . Soon we’ll arriving Vinh Moc Tunnels, an amazing tunnelsystem is in original conditions, as the residantials leaving it after the war. It’s not modified afterwards like Cu Chi tunnels near Ho Chi Minh City . Now our route takes us southwards with some stops at Ben Hai river, Hien Luong bridge and a small museum closed to the border between North and South Vietnam. Now the time is up for lunch, that we take near the Doc Mieu airbase. Going further south we entering the DMZ and Truong Son cemetery where we can pay respect for fallen soldiers, died in the war. The route takes us westwards passing the Rock Pile, some small villages and beautiful natural springs and waterfalls, nearby the highway no.9. Another chance to stop’n’swim, if you want. At the end of day 1 we stop in Khe Sanh for sleeping. Free time at night.

  • Day 2:  Khe Sanh to Aluoi to Prao
  • After a night in Khe Sanh we start at 8 am again to going further on highway Nr. 9, known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail.It is your decision to see Lang Vay closed to the Lao border, before we leaving Khe Sanh town. As we reached Da Krong River we crossing the Da Krong Bridge rebuild in 2000. Now we hook on the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail, passing beautiful landscapes, minority villages and a lot of mountains. We stop in Ta Rut to visit the Pa Co minority in their homevillage. On the ride from Ta Rut to A Luoi we see the most beautiful landscape that Vietnam has to offer. Big Mountains, deep valleys and a trafficless road, only crowded by some waterbuffalos, let you experience the real Vietnam with the hidden charm. As we once reached A Luoi, with the Hamburger Hill nearby, we are closed to our next stop for lunch in Bot Do. Now the Ho Chi Minh Trail follows the Lao Border for some kilometers. There are a couple of minority villages and amazing waterfalls, right for a bath to cool down, before we entering the deep jungle near A Tep. On the last part of day 2 we going down to Prao and see plenty of minority houses located at the Ho Chi Minh Trail. See the different kinds of living, working and beeing and visit friendly and happy people managing their hard life. With the mind full of impressions we reached Prao town to stop overnight. Free time at night let you imaging the passing days again.

  • Day 3:  Prao to Hoi An
  • After the breakfast we start at 8.30 am and following the Ho Chi Minh Trail again. The big and very nice road takes us to some beautiful lakes on the bottom of huge mountains. In Thanh My we leaving the HoChi Minh Trail and heading onto My Son, crossing two rivers and riding through the countryside to the World Herritage of  My Son. We arriving at 1 p.m. to have lunch and a deep look into Cham history, is similiar to Angkor Wat. Take your time to let set the impressions before we going on the last part to Hoi An. We’ll arrive at 3 pm, enough time to find another hotel or visit the city.

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    3 day Hue DMZ to Hoi An: Hue -DMZ- Ho Chi Minh Trail - Hoi An
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