Người gửi: Luong_Hung - Ngày gửi: 29-06-2015

So good, we booked a ride to Hoi An for the next day!

We only had one day in Hue and wanted to make the most of it. After reading reviews, we decided to book with Hue To Go Tours. The business is run by Dr. Phu, and he is usually accompanied by his uncle, Yung. Mr. Son runs the website and bookings for Dr. Phu. They are all very organized, efficient, prompt, and accommodating. In North America, I would never think of getting on the back of a motorcycle. However, this is the main mode of transportation in Vietnam. Because of this, drivers are very aware of two-wheeled vehicles. I felt VERY safe at all times riding with these drivers.

We were with another couple on our tour and it was REALLY hot that day (54C with humidex). Dr. Phu always made we had water and were happy. Since it was so hot, we all decided to skip the last pagoda on the tour. Dr. Phu is very accommodating with whatever you would like to do (or not do).

After a rather "unpleasant" experience on the train from Hong Doi the previous night, we decided to put our train tickets in the garbage and hired Dr. Phu and Uncle Yung to take us to Hoi An. It was a great day! We took some back roads through villages and saw some great stuff, including a wedding party on the street, a chat with a local farmer about his mushroom greenhouse, and a local fishing village. He took us for a swim at Elephant Springs and a FANTASTIC lunch at a restaurant on the water at Lang Co Beach. The seafood was so fresh and the flavours were amazing. One of the best meals of our trip.

Going over Hai Van Pass on motorcycle was beautiful! He was going to take us to Marble Mountain, but we decided to go straight to our hotel in Hoi An instead. A great bunch of guys and highly recommended!!