Người gửi: Adam G - Ngày gửi: 29-06-2015


Impressive ,

Here the summary.

One day tour (more than 8 hours on the motorbike)plus visit to the war tunnels for only 48 $.... WOW

Do it if you love
Adventurous Spirit.

Do not If you Hate

Long journey

As the first time in Vietnam with my Girlfreind I was little sceptical about it. However, I had to admit that I was wrong.

1) Punctual, our meeting was at 8.30, they were there at 8.15 outside our hotel.

2) Safe, if you have never been in Asia in general be aware of the risk that it represent . But these guys were the best. Always asking for info and willed to stop whenever you desire for picture or other staff.

3) WOW, thanks to them i saw the beauty of the country side that normal tours skip.