Hue - Traditional Villages

Code: HTT-TT

Route: Hue - Thanh Tien - Sinh - Thanh Toan

Duration: 1 Ngày

Start time: 8.30am

Finish time: approx 4pm

About 5km from Hue city, on downstream of Huong River and opposite the ancient town of Bao Vinh, you are back of our riders to Thanh Tien village. This place is famous for its traditional craft of making paper flowers that has gone on for about four hundred years. You will see the authentic local work and participate, there, with co – working.

Continue by motorbike to explore Sinh Village, hearing the story “tunnel digging to painting” of artist Ky Huu Phuoc.

Then transfer to Duong No and visit the Ho Chi Minh memorial house to know about Ho Chi Minh’s history

12:00 Have lunch with traditional dishes.


You continue the visit by the Thanh Toan Bridge and Agriculture museum to know more about the daily life of the villager.

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Hue - Traditional Villages
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